What I am NOT!

Often I get asked to define what it is that someone like me actually does. You see, I don’t really look like your crystal ball gazing, headscarf wearing “psychic” and nor do I “talk to dead people”.
Even within the spiritual industry itself, it can be confusing when trying to define who you are, and what it is exactly, that you do. It’s true, that I have a great deal of experience within the different modalities that the spiritual industry contains. I do feel though, that I have started at the beginning, gone through the middle, and come out the other side, which gives me an awesome vantage point! (But that doesn’t mean my journey’s finished!)
Along the way of my personal journey, I found it difficult to define my particular skill set and the way that I naturally work with my intuition. This was due mainly, to me trying to compare myself to others and the desire to want to fit in. This only led me down a path of confusion, disconnection and frustration in trying to be something I’m not. Through this comparison, I figured out that I was not typical in any way and through that understanding I slowly began to define and determine who I am and what I do, on my own terms.
How then, was the average person, with very little knowledge regarding spirituality and intuition, supposed to understand what it is that I do, when I hadn’t even clearly defined it for many years? I think it’s a good question.
I also understand that people don’t like to look or feel stupid. They may not have all the answers or the terminology and so they are reluctant to actually ask me or others directly, rather relying on their assumptions based upon cultural beliefs and/or the media’s representation of what intuition and spirituality is all about. This has often led to people sharing some very interesting ideas and concepts, I can assure you, especially around how I do what I do, and how I can use my intuitive skills to help people in their lives.
I also enjoy a challenge, and so decided along the way, to move away from working solely within the spiritual industry, with the intention of introducing the concepts of intuition into the mainstream marketplace. This hasn’t been easy, especially when people expect me to pull out a crystal ball from my handbag in a meeting or consultation! Some people are pleasantly surprised when they discover that I look, act and speak like a “normal person” and, some people are very disappointed. I actually had one client tell me that according to him, I was supposed to have my eyes closed for the entire session, because that’s what “real psychics” do.
I know I have definitely broken down barriers, simply by making the technology that I use, accessible to everyone, through my books, blogs, TV appearances, radio shows and training, however there is still a long way to go.

So let me break it down for you in very simple terms, what it is that I DO, what I DON’T DO, what I AM and what I AM NOT!

What I Do:

Help you uncover strategies so that you may make informed decisions.
Help you to uncover any conscious or unconscious sabotage behaviours and limiting beliefs and then help you clear them.
Help you to create a vision of your life, assisting you with the tools that will get you what you want.
Help you to make choices based on your potential future outcomes.
Help you to discover who you truly are.
Help you to discover why you’re here.
Help you to discover your purpose.
Help you to uncover your natural intuitive skills.
Help you to become passionate about your life and how you are living.
Help you to move past your past.
Help you to embrace and utilise your shadow in a healthy way.
Help you to take your business to the next level of success.
Help you to form and sustain deep, loving and connected relationships.
Help you to form and sustain a deep, loving and connected relationship with yourself.
Help you to create and sustain abundance and wealth.
Empower you to realise your immense untapped potential.
What I Don’t Do:

Tell you what to do.
Make decisions on your behalf.
Talk to “Angels”.
Talk to “spirit guides”.
Talk to “dead people”.
Talk to “aliens” or “ET’s”
Entrap you.
Use a crystal ball.
Use a Ouija Board.
Predict the future.
Make deals.
Say things to scare you.
Say things to shock you.
Curse you.
Tell you what you want to hear.
Tell you information about yourself that is obvious and irrelevant to what we are addressing.
Tell you when you will have a relationship, without addressing any potential limitations you may already have, regarding past or current relationships.
Disempower you in anyway.
Tell you when you’re going to die.
Tell you when other people are going to die.
Tell you the winning lottery numbers.
Tell you to leave a relationship.
Tell you to stay in a relationship.
Spy on other people and tell you what they are doing.
Give you financial advice.
Give you a medical diagnosis.
Tell you what your ex-boyfriend is up to.
Tell you what your ex-girlfriend is up to.
Tell you anything that isn’t your business and has nothing to do with you.
Create fear, limitation or drama in your life.
Take responsibility for your life in anyway.
And again, never tell you what to do.
What I Am:

An intuitive expert
A teacher
A coach
A practitioner
An author
An ordinary person with extra-ordinary skills
Experienced at transforming lives, with a high level of expertise
Highly Sensitive
An Empath
Open and warm
Down-to-earth and realistic
Practical and strategic
Results focused
Able to see the bigger picture
Able to understand you at the deepest level of yourself
Able to witness you and your behaviours without judgment
An expert at helping you unlock your full potential
What I Am Not:

A psychic
A medium
A mind reader
A fortune teller
A Gypsy
An angel healer
A tarot card reader
An entertainer
A card reader
A spiritual healer
A Reiki healer
A spiritual channel
A spiritual medium
A platform medium
A trance channel
Someone who contacts or works with anything outside of this world
A hippy
A new ager
A love and lighter
A cosmic tripper
A crystal healer
Ever, going to tell you what to do.

As you read through the four lists above, notice what stands out to you. Is there anything that you can relate to, or that you recognise as a part of yourself? Has it become more clear to you, regarding what intuition is and isn’t and how it can be used?

What I know to be true is this.

You don’t need to be special, talented or gifted to develop your intuitive skill set or to be fully self expressed in your life. If I can do it, so can you! That’s the beauty of your intuition! Everyone has it; yes everyone, every single person on this planet! All you may need to unlock your hidden potential, is perhaps some support, coaching or training and then you can access, utilize and master your own intuition, applying it in your life, for the rest of your life, however you choose!

Now you know what I do, and what I don’t do, who I am and who I am not.

So…how can I help you?


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Heidi Jane is the original 'Empath In The City', passionate about being a Wellness Advocate for highly sensitive people.