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My belief in Heidi is so powerful
Heidi Jane was recommended to me through a work colleague. I was going through a terrible break up at the time and as females often do, we want celestial advice! I am a huge believer in Psychic abilities, truly gifted people who have the power to tune in, turn on and tap in to other realms, dimensions and spirits. I had been to many psychics in the past and especially after this breakup. Many of them were way off the mark and no one picked up the hard time I was going through


Christine L.

A Change Can Happen
It was such a pleasure to meet Heidi and the reading was so insightful it has really given me a calmness and sence of direction in my life. Thank you so much

Kathryn O.

45 minutes-Not long Enough
Very happy for the one on one with Heidi she was very spot on about what was happening in my life and reaffirmed what I already new I had to do. However time went too quickly and I really wanted to ask more questions and get more answers but we ran out of time. Thank you Heidi.


Christine K.

A Journey To look Forward To… Even More So
It was a real pleasure meeting face to face with Heidi. She had a very calming effect on me and what the future will hold for me. It was like sitting down with a friend who had known you for a life time. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anybody! Thank you and hope to see her again one day

Debra T.

A Beautiful Soul
Wow. What an amazing person. I now believe there are two of us that know the pain I’m going through-(Heidi & Myself) Thank You so much!


Chantelle J.

Absolutely Amazing! (As Always)
Each time I visit Heidi I am left feeling like a weight has been lifted. She is so spot on with things that she couldn’t possibly know! I’ll definitely be back!


Samantha B. says: Thanks Heidi for helping me the other day. You have given me my power back to move forward and knowing that no matter what choice I choose I will be supported. I look forward to taking that new step. I will be telling all my friends. Thank you also for your kind heart. I wish I could talk to you every week. Take care. Samantha B


Soul Soothing

Karen T. says: I absolutely loved my reading with Heidi – I felt like my soul had been soothed and healed. She was warm and beautiful and I felt her guidance was exactly what I needed. She accurately picked up events and people in my life and gave me clarity on my journey moving forward. Thank you Heidi, you are amazing x

Thank You

Casey B. says: Just the clarity that I needed to confirm the exciting things ahead. Such a lovely warm lady who was right on the money with the things she picked up on. Would definitely suggest her to other friends and family!


Tina S. says: This is the second time I’ve had a reading with Heidi. The first was face to face & this one was over the phone. I love how Heidi tells it like it is. I feel so much better within myself after my reading & feel I’m heading in the right direction. Heidi you have a wonderful gift & I’ll definitely be checking in from to time to time.


Thank you Heidi


Michelle B. says: I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Heidi. She is a beautiful lady who taught me so much about myself and the processes I need to make in order to be fulfilled right now. Thank you for the invaluable guidance right now Heidi and the insight into me 🙂

Thank you

Ann-maree B. says: Thank you Heidi for putting my mind at rest, you hit on somethings i have been trying to decide what to do about. Thank you so much Will be back Ann-maree


Michelle P. says: Heidi has patience and a beautiful soul. She gives you honest and truthful answers.




Toni L. says: I found my reading interesting, even though it probably wasn’t long enough……….Heidi picked up on a few of the things in my life, and I have to wait and see now if her predictions will come about. Thank you Heidi……..


Top Shelf Reading

Nel *. says: Heidi, you have given me much to consider. I value the advice and time you give, your insight is sharp! Anyone thinking about a booking should definitely give Heidi a call. I totally recommend a session. Again, Thank You Heidi so very much for the guidance, it was unbelievably helpful. Namaste, Nel




Kim S. says: From Heidi’s recommendation my daughter’s life was saved, I can not be more thankful. K


Spot On


Cassy R. says: My session was with Rachel. She was spot on with her questions about my daughter; and gave me some challeging responses to the questions that I asked. Which was exactly what I needed to hear. Rachel said my future area of employment would be in the hospitality management area -I am excited to see how this pans out. Rachel was so precise in describing my personality that it was scary! Thanks – Cassy




Maxine S. says: It was lovely to connect with Heidi over the phone, I needed some assurance and she was able to provide that for me. Suggesting that I leave the negative behind and focus on the positives. Not sure about that man in my life, but time will tell! Thanks Heidi.




Larissa V. says: Heidi was very helpful and I found her insight to things in my life to be pretty spot on. I will definitley be seeing her again. Larissa

Unique Lady

John K. says: What a rich and rewarding experience it was to meet such a lovely, kind, gentle, intuitive and compassionate human being. Heidi’s gifts are truly incredible. Thank you so much for meeting with me Heidi and for opening the door to some of life’s mysteries. You are an amazing lady. John


Insight found


Mandy H. says: I have had a number of sessions with Heidi varying from phone reading, reiki healings to a face to face on the weekend.I find Heidi amazing and extremly calming. She gives me the power to make those changes that I would probably not take (although I really want to). Her insight is amazing.


Thank You So Much


Anne L. says: Heidi thank you so much, your reading was extremely helpful and I feel much more positive about the things happening in my life at the moment. You are truly amazing and you have such a lovely caring manner.



Natasha C. says: Heidi was wonderful from the moment I spoke with her, a lot of interesting information was revealed and she was spot on with everything… I would have liked to have had more time with Heidi , thank you for the positive healing sent my way and I will utilise and definitely develop what you told me …thank you Natasha :)a face to face reading would be an experience I love to try.



KERRI W. says: Heidi is part of my support system and is a brilliant and spiritual person. She’s honest and has a healing touch without you knowing it and gives you the power and confidence to empower yourself. She’s a rare find and I highly recommend her.


Phone Reading


Gaye R. says: Thanks Heidi, your reading was very helpful and has given me a lot to work with. I will certainly be contacting you for a one-on-one reading soon. Cheers, Gaye




Julie f. says: Heidi really help me to feel stronger in myself, really spot on with what I needed to know. Would highly recommend her.



Richard C. says: Absolutely spot on Heidi right from the start, just amazed with the answers you supplied to my questions. Highly recommend to all reading this. Thanks Richie

Absolutely enlightening


Jill j. says: Thank you Heidi for a wonderful reading. I can not believe how “spot on” you were with all of my questions. You helped me understand certain situations in my life much better, and I can only hope all the “good things” you spoke to me about happen in the near future. Thank you again. Jill




Jose g. says: How did you know so much about my life? Simply AMAZING


Fantastic!! Will be recommending to everyone I know


Rebecca D. says: Hi Heidi, Thank you for a great reading it was so spot on it was scary. Heidi you are the best straight to the point and precise. Will be visiting you again. Thank you Rebecca


Thank you


Amanda C. says: Heidi you gave me the answers I needed for the things that were bothering me about my brother and mothers passing and you are spot on with your summation of my sister and her outcome. Thank you so much, it really helps. I will be coming back soon for another session. Thank you so much. x




Karen P. says: Heidi told me money was on the way to buy my own home..it seemed impossible..the next day it happened so unexpectedly I’m still in shock! Fantastic reading lovely lady.


Fantastic From Robert


Robert M. says: Hello Heidi Thanks for a wonderful reading, you where amazing and gave me peace of mind. Thanks again. Robert


Shocking!! So spot on


Sharon C. says: Ive already been back for another session. Heidi answered by questions and validated by thoughts



Suzie Y. says: Suzie says: Heidi was exceptional. She answered my queries and more. I am looking forward to a follow-up session.




Vasilia T. says: Heidi is totally awesome, straight to the point and spot on with everything. Definitely be having another session. Vas


Anonymous Testimonials

“Dear Heidi, thank you so much for the reading today it was awesome, not only was it accurate, thought provoking, and exciting, what more is you are a lovely person, it was a real delight speaking with you.

I wish you much success I will most certainly share your gift with my friends, and look forward to another reading sometime soon.”

“I recently saw Heidi for a reading and I have to say, she was nothing short of amazing. The way she connected with my guides and my Nan who recently passed over, bought me much clarity and comfort. Heidi has a beautiful energy and has a depth of warmth and love that envelops your time with her.”

”My session with Heidi was exactly what I needed, providing me with great advice and renewed direction.”

“Heidi was spot on. Her predictions, intuition and knowing was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks Heidi.”

”I really appreciated Heidi’s gentle and thoughtful approach to some sensitive issues. Thank you for using your gift with such wisdom and compassion.”

“Thanks so much for the session we had. It was so enlightening and I felt wonderful after the time I spent with you. Your warmth, kindness and compassion made me feel better than I had in ages…”

“Just a quickie to say thanks for your time and inspiration given in my session with you on Wednesday. I felt very at ease and comfortable with you and appreciate your guidance and sincerity.
So, from me and my peeps Cheers and Take Care”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the reading, it brought to light a lot of things.
You said you saw equipment damage and water, not connected but together. I provide super screens the replay kind for sporting events etc. one of which has been on off on off. If I get too many negatives (on a job) I think I told you, normally I will not do it.But the money on this gig was okay and it would have helped.

The gig was in Launceston for a cycling event. I didn’t have crew so I put an inexperienced tech guy there whilst I was in Hobart with two other screens. The cycling one had a problem and blew up 11 power supplies (luckily I was able to get new ones and fix it) that’s the equipment damage. The water, my ‘carols in the bay’ event was near water on a beach.

Bizarre, however your readings were spot on with what you saw. I’m glad you didn’t see too much like that but thanks again for the rest.”


Teaching Testimonials

“Firstly thank you for your gentle, wise and patient guidance. This has been a truly transformational time for me and I have felt incredibly supported and held as I go through the process of remembering how we are all connected to the Earth, Spirit and each other, and how our own thoughts, beliefs are what isolate or unify us. Sounds so obvious, how could I ever forget but I can truly see the value in the experience even though its usually in hindsight. For me the weekly meditation classes have been invaluable in reminding me and allowing me to see how my ego keeps me separated from the source of all things. I feel like I’m journeying towards freedom and connection but have some more layers of bark and snake skins to shed along the way. Thank you for doing what your doing and having the courage and trust to be where you are now, it is very important work.”

“[Heidi] was fabulous and vibrant and always supportive. The facilitation was great. Heidi took time at the beginning to check in with everyone and we were always experiencing something different, which I like.”

“I have definitely enjoyed this term.I have felt the energy a lot stronger and the purpose or intent of the work amazing. It has been a gift and I feel really privileged to have had Heidi as the facilitator. Her knowledge about this work [Goddess Alchemy] is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anyone with more knowledge, compassion and love for everyone in the class.”

“Heidi is a great facilitator. She holds the space well making it a safe and gentle place to be. She explains things well and repeats if not understood. Heidi is very patient with us and looks after us at all times. Heidi is a joy to be with and she knows what she is talking about!”

“Love your passion, love your honesty and could sit and listen to you talk for hours and hours. Thank you for your wisdom and love. I feel like I can trust Heidi 100%”

“I have always felt held and supported and gently reminded to own my stuff when necessary, which is important. It’s been wonderful to watch your love and sharing.”

“I love you with all my heart!! I admire you because you are open, honest, compassionate. The energy you create and the work you do lasts well beyond the actual class.”

“Once again I had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal from the Aromatherapy workshops. You certainly know how to keep a room of people engaged :p. I really enjoyed learning more about nature spirits and how we can work with them. I always enjoy your classes and thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us all.”