Bio-Energy Field Therapy: Auric Clearing Session


Bio-Energy Field Therapy: Auric Clearing Session

Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearings focus on clearing the bio-electric field of a person to give them freedom from limiting patterns, behaviours and past trauma.

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Bio-Energy Field Therapy: Initial Session – Auric Clearing

You will only need this session once!

Bio-Energy Field Therapy is an approved and recognised modality with the International Institute For Complementary Therapists under Heidi Jane a Platinum Approved Training provider and Executive Member of the IICT.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy consists of two distinct session types.

The first is the initial session of Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing which can be seen as a clearing of the slate, removing any trauma induced blocks in your Bio-Energy Field, from the quantum level to the conscious awareness of your life. You will see increased synchronicity, the ability to listen to, and then act upon your intuition, and the potential of positive people, places and events flowing into your life. Health conditions may improve and, clients report feeling “clear”, “energised”, “incredible”, “life-changing”, “free” and like a “huge weight has been lifted, that I didn’t even know I was carrying”.

The second is the Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Karmic Clearing and Integration Session. The Karmic work is done after the Auric Clearing has taken time to integrate and the healing adjustment is complete. In the Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Karmic Clearing and Integration session Heidi will assist you to clear any additional issues, contracts, ancestral patterns, specific health issues, imprints, attitudes and so much more. Within the protocol you may clear anything that is currently holding you back from feeling happy, healthy, whole and complete.

What takes place in the Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing?

There are three parts to this session:

Part One – The Pre-Consultation: This gives Heidi a chance to explain in detail, the process and to answer any questions, you may have prior to do the ‘work’ of the Auric Clearing.

Part Two  – The Auric Clearing: As you relax in the comfort of your own home, and ideally on your own bed, Heidi will ask you to access a relaxed state of awareness, whilst she completes the protocol. Heidi utilises specific protocols to methodically clear the 15 levels of your Bio-Energy Field, thus leaving your 15 major energy centres, free from trauma induced distortions, and negative filters. You may feel sensations, varying temperatures, or simply feel relaxed and at peace. Everyone’s experience is different, and perfect for you.

Part Three – After Session Information: Heidi will discuss in detail, the healing adjustment instructions and protocol with you, so you have the most effective way of supporting yourself over the following 7-10 days. Heidi will also share the process she enacted during the Auric Clearing, and this is also a time for you to share your experience with Heidi. Any questions you may have will be answered during this time. You will receive a PDF with the ‘After Session Instructions’ and the support you need during your healing adjustment time.

It is NOT recommended to have an Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing during hectic, or very busy life periods, where you will be challenged to take the time you need to integrate the work. Likewise, Heidi does not recommend you have this session on a day that you have a number of commitments, social or otherwise after the session takes place, as tiredness is a common experience post clearing.

What’s the process?

The Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing is targeted to activate and remove any blocks or occupants, from all 7 major physical chakras, 8 morphogenetic chakras, any portals, wormholes and cords, and works to activate the four major brain centres, and restore the original optimal function of the Human DNA template.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing incorporates the healing of soul fragmentation, attachment and/or entity release, neural re-patterning, energy field clearing, emotional release, addressing trauma from other lifetimes.

Importantly, healing is achieved only through connecting the client to their own higher intelligence, wisdom and innate ability to self heal. This is done by Heidi’s facilitation to access the wisdom and incredible healing power we all have access to.

There is no need to be re-traumatized by going into the pain or remembering the ‘story’ associated with the original trauma or issue. Heidi simply finds the trauma created blocks, and then using Quantum Field Command Codes, releases the trauma and all manifestations related to this, at the quantum level of reality.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing does not address specific issues through analysis, but rather through identification that it exists, and subsequent removal.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearings are particularly good for helping highly sensitive people regain connection with their bodies and to stop the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.

This session is only ever done once.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Auric Clearing will either take over phone or Skype. New permanent Sydney clinic address released soon.

Please choose your preferred option when booking your session.

Bio-Energy Field Therapy- Initial Session – Auric Clearing is 1.5 Hours. This session must be completed prior to having a Bio-Energy Field Therapy – Karmic Clearing and Integration session.



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