The Institute of Advanced Intuition and The Empath Alliance

The Institute of Advanced Intuition and The Empath Alliance



Heidi Jane founded the Institute after identifying a real need to offer transformative, cutting edge, conscious and real world training that is easily accessed in the one place.

Heidi understood that most people are time poor and yet want to advance their skills in life, business, health and relationships. The Institute of Advanced Intuition was created to assist these people to achieve their personal and business goals, integrated with their lifestyle and timetables.

Heidi has worked and taught within the intuitive and entrepreneurial fields for 17 years, and knows from the inside, the most powerful and effective tools, and technologies to deliver transformation to students, within their businesses and lives. Heidi has won international awards and recognition for her work as a thought leader, businesswoman, teacher and a transformation coach.

Heidi and the other coaches at The Institute of Advanced Intuition are dedicated to your transformation and success, paving the way for you to live the life of your dreams.

The International Institute of Advanced Intuition is dedicated to conscious online education. Founded by Heidi Jane, the IIAI is the place to access education for highly sensitive people and empaths, Diploma level IICT Approved Training, and specialised courses for entrepreneurs and empaths.


The Empath Alliance

A place where Empaths and HSP can access specific courses, news, resources and content that is relevant to their experience of life.