Intuitive Dynamics - Diploma of Advanced Human Intuition

Here you will find each of the Modules contained within Intuitive Dynamics course, which includes videos and workbooks. It is recommended that you follow the pathway through, but if you are interested in only a few subjects you can purchase these separately. To gain Diploma qualifications you will need to complete all of the Modules below.
This course is approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and upon completion you can receive access to association membership as a practitioner, which enables you to gain professional insurances, recognised in over 20 countries.

Human Consciousness

Intuitive Dynamics - Module One

In this lesson we will define 'Intuition', the multiple forms of intelligence, intuitive intelligence and learn about our 'ego personas' and how they may get in the way of what we wish to achieve.



Universal Structure

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Four

Ever wondered about the world around you? How about the greater cosmos? Do you really think we're all alone? This lesson will deliver some revealing truths to the nature of reality, teeming with life.




Intuitive Dynamics - Module Seven

See things others don't? Can you meditate like a boss? Is your vision of the future bright and clear? Let's explore the skill of clairvoyance in this highly practical and skills based lesson.



Embody Your Higher Self

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Ten

Your higher self is much more than a concept, it's the heart of who you are. Embodying it can give you access to amazing information, techniques and skills. This lesson will teach you how.



Energetic Anatomy

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Two

The chakras and bio-energy field make us human and able to interact with the world around us. In this lesson you will understand just how this takes place and what happens if we become blocked.



Senses- Clairsentience

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Five

Do you understand the difference between intuition and a 'gut feeling'? This lesson will take you through what it means to understand your body and how to use it as a compass.



Primary Soul Energy

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Eight

What makes you, you? Do you feel like you have a mission but aren't sure how to express it? When you discover your P.S.E., you will uncover the wisdom and true nature of yourself and your life.



Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Eleven

This lesson will teach you how to deliver and facilitate client based professional sessions, the accumulation of all you've learned so far, and how much you've grown. 



Boundaries and Interference

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Three

Learn the ways you can address and maintain your healthy boundaries, and discover techniques to ensure you don't experience psychic attack, or energy vampires in your life.




Intuitive Dynamics - Module Six

Do you hear things others don't? Do thoughts just drop in to your mind, revealing insights and inspirational thoughts and guidance? This lesson will help you unfold your super intuitive hearing.



Medicine and Animal Totems

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Nine

We all have nature and animal spirits that work with us and alongside of us. In this lesson you will have an opportunity to discover yours, and learn how you can deepen your bond.



Business Success

Intuitive Dynamics - Module Twelve

No more poverty stricken healers here! Learn how you can make a real success of your natural skills and talents, in a conscious business that helps, heals and gives back to humanity and the planet!




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