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Healing & Counselling

Intuitive Healing

We all have access to a higher wisdom that resides within us. Unfortunately we are conditioned to believe that all the answers we seek, lie outside of our grasp.

When we are able to access and utilise this self-source energy we can heal ourselves, and make a huge difference and determinable change to our past, present and future lives.

Heidi has been healing and in fact, is an association approved platinum training provider, training professional healers for many years, and understands the safe and empowering techniques to get your bio-energy field clean and clear!

Reiki Treatment
Auric Clearing

Auric Clearing - Bio-Energy Field Therapy is a clearing of the slate, removing any trauma induced blocks in your Bio-Energy Field, that affects the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual layers of your anatomy and experience.

This can result in health issues, emotional reactivity, mental health challenges, and a disconnection from your higher mind.

During the session your field will be cleared of any trauma created blocks, thus returning you to your natural state.

After the session you may experience increased synchronicity, the ability to listen to, and then act upon your intuition, and the potential of positive people, places and events flowing into your life.

You may also enjoy increased health and wellbeing and, clients have reported feeling "clear", "energised", "incredible", "life-changing", "free" and like a "huge weight has been lifted, that I didn't even know I was carrying".

Girl with Arms Stretched Out
Spiritual Counselling

When done well, Spiritual Counselling can give you understanding and insight into your patterns of behaviours, your blind spots and how you can best move forward in your life. This is not some woo-woo out of this world concept, but a practical way to assist and support you on your journey. Heidi has been sharing her expertise though Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Counselling for many years, via face to face sessions, over the phone, live on Air on morning radio for 7 years, and even on mainstream television! Heidi has been featured in numerous print media articles and has won awards for her abilities. 
Heidi only accesses your own higher-self or higher intelligence during spiritual counselling sessions, cutting out the 'middle man'! This gives you the best insight into your own purpose, and practical ways of moving forward in your life, so you can BE your true self!

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Karmic Clearing

A Karmic Clearing is done after the Auric Clearing has taken time to integrate and the healing adjustment is complete, usually 14 days.

In the BEFT – Karmic Clearing session Heidi will then assist you to clear any additional issues, soul contracts, ancestral patterns, specific health issues, Karmic imprints, limiting attitudes and so much more.

Within the protocol you may clear anything that is currently holding you back from feeling happy, healthy, whole and complete as you will focus on the priority issues, or what is really present for you and creating pain, suffering or frustration.

These sessions are great for people who have done a lot of self-help work but still find themselves stuck.

Mudra Meditation
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