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Whole Foods Plant Based

Do you know what a 'whole food' is? It's a plant based food that is unrefined and unprocessed as much as possible, and eaten as close to its natural state as it can be. So for example, brown rice vs white rice, or white bread vs whole grain sprouted bread. Understanding what these foods can do for your body, coupled with knowing your nutritional needs, will start to heal your body, release food addictions, and increase your longevity substantially. Vegans have a 42% lower risk of heart disease, which is the number 1 killer in Western Society! Heidi will provide you with the information you need to understand just how a whole food diet can support you at any stage in your life, and how to add these to your lifestyle. A plant based way of eating can bring great benefits and rewards, environmentally, spiritually, physically, and morally.

Healthy Sandwich
Juice Cleanse

Did you know that using juice and water as tools to re-boot and detox your body has been done for thousands of years?

When the body is supported with the correct conditions, healing is possible and likely.

Heidi will guide your through a juice cleanse, so you can reach optimal health, and you can choose from 3, 5, 7, 14 days or longer.

Heidi will guide you through the fruits and veggies to choose, and will also support you through the detox and replenish stages, that comes with any cleanse.

Finish feeling cleaner, healthier and clearer than ever before!

Drinking Green Juice
Emotional Eating

Can you stop yourself from eating when you're upset, tired, angry, happy or sad? Is this your most vulnerable time, when you find yourself reaching for your 'treat' food? It can be hard to feel your feelings, instead of self-medicating with food, but it can be done, with certain tips, tools and methods, designed to keep you present and to know that its safe to feel your feelings. Heidi will support you to understand this habit of emotional eating, and how you can take charge and be better equipped to deal with it, when it comes up. Feelings aren't bad, they are just there to show us more about ourselves or the world around us. Navigating them can become natural and you can build a close relationship to your feelings, and the sensations in your body, and still be ok.

Woman Eating Cookie
Detox Your Life

Using strategic tools, and ongoing and personalised support to clear out your physical, mental, and emotional clutter can be a powerful experience.

Heidi can help you to detox your life through targeting the areas that are in need of a spring clean. This may include a technology detox, a space (home or office) detox, a spiritual detox, a relationship detox, physical detox, negative thought detox and more.

Think of Heidi as your strategic cheerleader, and your number one fan! She will give you the boost, confidence and judgmental support you need to keep going, even when you don't want to. Change can be hard sometimes and most things that are worth the effort, take the effort, but importantly, you don't have to do it alone!

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