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Formally know as Manna From Heaven and Life Garden Herbal Products

A great new look for the same great products.

Manna from Heaven Herbal Products have reverted to their original name and brand, Doc Flowers, with new packaging, new products and new names, but all with the exact formulations and efficacy.

See a list of the changed product names below:

Manna The One is now Doc Flowers The One Greens

Manna Guts is now Doc Flowers Clean

Manna Fire is now Doc Flowers Fire

Manna Mojo is now Doc Flowers Superior Man

Manna A.D. is now Doc Flowers Happy

Doc Flowers Blessed Relief is Blessed Relief

Doc Flowers Noggin is now Doc Flowers Clarity

Doc Flowers Slumber

And Doc Flowers have added a range of pure Essential Oils to support your health and well-being.

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When Josh Woodcook formulated Life Garden Herbal Products premier whole foods formula The One Greens, his objective was to get every mineral and every vitamin accounted for in the formula. Instead of relying on chemicals and synthetics, he used six generations -170 years – of his family’s legacy of knowledge and time-tested herbal formulas, and his own extensive education to create the most nutritionally potent and whole superfood available. He would not do it any way other than from whole food sources – meaning no added synthetic vitamins or minerals.

“We are glad to say that Josh is exceptionally happy with the results he’s achieved with The One Greens. As a matter of fact, we are all beyond thrilled. This formulation turned out better than even Josh set out for them to be! By combining over sixty premiere, whole food ingredients gathered from across the globe, The One Greens offers the most complete nutrition using the perfect combination of ingredients. The One Greens is essentially a superfood that is easy to digest, easy to take, powerful and complete. Your body will thank you. “

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The Doc Flwoers Products product range is an amazing support for Empaths and highly sensitive people.

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