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Conquer Anxiety




4 Weeks


About the Course

Anxiety is the modern scourge, controlling people's lives and affecting their physical, emotional and metal health. From a hypnotic standpoint, you can learn to overcome that stress response and to navigate change and uncertainty in a healthy way. Some anxiety can be good and can motivate you to get things done, to create. Too much anxiety can become overwhelming and debilitating, and then becomes the control centre in your life.
Learning new techniques through hypnosis, including how to manage the ups and downs of life, to support you to achieve your goals, and to live a nourishing life, will begin to set you on the best path.
Included is 4 hypnosis recordings and a workbook to support your journey.
For an additional fee, Heidi can also work with you one on one, if you need extra support.

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones

Heidi Jane is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist, and a Health Coach with a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine.

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