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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Gold Coast

Clinical Hypnosis
Myths and Truths

The stage hypnotists of old, have given the legitimate therapy of hypnosis a really bad name. Through stage tricks such as 'making people cluck like a chicken', there was borne a misunderstanding that hypnotists can make you do whatever they want, and that you have no choice. This stage show has nothing to do with Clinical Hypnosis, where you are always in charge and you get to choose. Hypnosis can be seen as a way to access the deeper, less conscious aspects of yourself, uncovering your hidden resources, to bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to be. This is done as you relax comfortably, and only ever after a comprehensive case history has been taken and you agree with the therapist, what changes you would like to see. 

Anchor in Changes

What happens once you step out of the hypnosis session? Well thats when the works continues. It's very important to follow through with the changes that were made during the trance state, in the physical world. What this means is that you will be supported to do homework, make changes, and anchor in strategies that will help you see long term, permanent change.

Heidi has created a library of resources to support you with your ongoing education and support, long after the session has ended.

Happy Coffee
Access Your Wisdom

We all have skills, resources and wisdom that we are underutilising in our lives. You have gotten to where you are now, with the aid of these skills. During times of stress however, we tend to overlook what we're actually capable of and how quickly we can adjust and learn. Hypnosis is the key that unlocks the door to your inner wisdom, bringing it through to your everyday life. You will learn what outdated beliefs, habits and ways to let go of, and what positive, healthful strategies to focus on moving you forward.

Unconscious Mastery

When we achieve unconscious mastery over something, we have mastered it to a level that we don't even have think about it anymore, at all. For example, you may have a chocolate addiction, and so each time there are chocolate biscuits, or cakes, or bars, you find it very difficult to resist. You know it's not healthful for you, so you white knuckle it, you abstain, you avoid, and you distract yourself from the chocolate. You may be able to do this for extended periods of time until...
This is not unconscious mastery, as you have to consciously stop yourself from making that choice to eat chocolate. Unconscious mastery takes place when you can see a plate full of the most luscious chocolate you've ever seen, and you don't even register that this is what you want or is even an option for you. You don't crave it, you don't desire it, and you don't need to avoid it. Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy can get you to this place.

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