Clear Your Aura, Change Your Life. Its As Simple As That.

Clear Your Aura, Change Your Life. Its As Simple As That.


Are you feeling like you’re at the ‘mercy of life’?
Rather than co-creating your reality and manifesting the life of your dreams?

Do you feel like something holds you back from achieving what you desire?

Would you like to create loving relationships, let go of the past, and attract greater wealth, health and well-being?

In this special 90 minute session I will help you to release the energetic connection your Soul, Body and Mind have to painful past experiences, that keep you in a state of reaction.

Auric (Aura) Clearings focus on clearing your energy centres and bio-electric field, whilst you access your Higher Self, giving you freedom from limiting patterns, beliefs, attachments, habits, thought-forms, interference, ancestral patterns, blocks and karmic loops.

Importantly, healing is achieved only through connecting you to your own inner knowledge, wisdom and innate ability to self heal.

This is done via my facilitation to access the wisdom and incredible healing power of your higher self.

And the best news is, it can be achieved from anywhere in the world.

I can run a session over Skype, the phone or in person!

So there is no reason to wait!

Think about the weight you want to lose but cant seem to, no matter what you do.

Think about the struggles you have with debt, or money, no matter how hard you work.

Think about how you struggle with relationships, no matter how hard you try.

Think about the past hurts that seem to haunt you, no matter how much therapy or counseling you have.

Are you ready to let go of what limits you to be the best you can be?

Haven’t you already suffered enough?

Lets make a lasting change together.

Click here to change your life!

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Heidi Jane is the original 'Empath In The City', passionate about being a Wellness Advocate for highly sensitive people.