Our People

Our People

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Heidi Jane, Intuitive Empath

#1 Best Selling Author of “Are You an Evolutionary Advantage?”

You may recognise Heidi Jane from Network Seven Australia’s Reality Show, “The One” Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic 2011, where she completed eight weeks of on air challenges and was voted as a top three finalist, one of the top psychics and Intuitive Experts in Australia.

You may also know her as the “voice” on Gold FM, (Austereo, Southern Cross Network) where she shared intuitive advice to callers for over six years on the breakfast show, with Richard, Bridge and Spida.

No matter how you know Heidi, you would understand that she has achieved many accomplishments, including working with world-renowned thought leaders, authoring a #1 Best Selling Book, with two more books published, and winning a “Stevie”, an international, ‘women in business’ award.

Heidi is often invited to be a part of international Summits, such as The Transformation Summit (Sweden), The Super-Natural Healing Summit (U.S.A.) and The Integrated Empath Summit (U.S.A.).

Heidi is the founder of The International Institute of Advanced Intuition, where she teaches cutting edge, transformational content, including the Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix®, The Intuitive Entrepreneur, The Intuition Method, Boot Camp For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, Empaths Self Mastery, and My Body is Perfect | Body Acceptance for Highly Sensitive People.

Heidi is also dedicated to “renovating your reality”, encouraging you to shift your limitations, belief systems and mind chatter, as an Intuitive Empath, and through other progressive products and platforms.

As a an Intuitive Empath, Heidi instills a sense of liberation in the lives of her clients, as they access their own powerful inner tool-box to make successful, congruent and authentic choices.

Heidi is Australia’s best-known and most respected Empath Wellness Advocate and Intuitive Expert, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine & Dietetics), to further assist her clients and students.

Heidi always works from her deep empathy for her clients, with a healthy dose of practical advice and straight talking, both in the private and public arena, and is a gifted and inspiring presenter.









Taelor-Jane Hanley, BMus

The Cosmic Artist’s Journey

Taelor-Jane is a songwriter, producer, composer, performer, and creativity coach from Sydney, Australia. She began her musical journey in 2008, when she started writing her own songs, and performing across Sydney, at the age of 14. Throughout the rest of her high school education, at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Taelor fell in love with the creative arts, and completed major projects in Music, Visual Arts, English and Drama, for her High School certificate. Since then, her path has guided her to study a Bachelor of Music, Majoring in Composition and Music Production, at the Australian Institute of Music, where she graduated in late 2016.

Since her first introduction to songwriting, Taelor has released two EPs as a solo artist, Velvet Love (2014) and Good Girls (2015). She continues to play in venues across Australia, sharing her unique and entrancing sound with audiences of all sizes.

In 2015, Taelor-Jane worked with Sharna Luscombe (Tonic for the Soul) to create a series of Meditation CDs designed for children and teens. The Elements Series, is a set of guided meditations which range in length and content to allow the listener to journey inward and take charge of their emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Taelor composed, recorded, and mixed the music for the project as well as attending the Sydney Mind Body Spirit festival to help promote the works

Taelor has also completed Heidi Jane’s, Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix, which has helped her refine her skills as a creative force. The course also trained her to be able to coach people through their own creative journeys with empathic guidance and support.

Join Taelor over the phone (or Skype) for an Intuitive Creativity Coaching Session. In the session, Taelor will help identify, and explore what it is that really makes your spirit sing. No matter the dream, no matter the skill, these sessions will give you the guidance and support you need to keep feeding the creative fire within.

Following what you are passionate about can be daunting and overwhelming, and it is with this understanding, that Taelor approaches all of her sessions. You will receive practical and manageable advice, along with compassionate support, to help you pursue the life that you have always dreamed of.

Whether you are an artist, musician, dancer, entrepreneur, scientist, parent, or otherwise, we all have a spirit living within us that has an inherent desire to create. This energetic phenomenon is strong, and honest, and it knows no boundaries, or rules. It is simple to see this lust for life in yourself as a young child, but along your journey into adult life, there are many of us that have lost connection with this burning need to imagine recklessly, and bravely.

It is Taelor’s mission to guide you towards rediscovering this innate visionary spirit, and invite it, to become a regular part of your everyday life. If you are working as a full-time artist, or simply looking for creative solutions to blockages in your life, Taelor will work with you to help take the next step towards honing your skills, and allowing that magic to work with you.