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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Gold Coast

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We are now closed for 2022 and return mid-January 2023 for bookings. Have a wonderful break and a restful holiday period.

What Are You Struggling With?

My Past Holds me Back

It's more likely a case of under-compartmentalisation. In other words, the past is seeping into your present, which in turn affects your future. Learn to leave the past, where it belongs.

I Have Low Self-Esteem

Poor self-assessment is more likely the culprit. I can teach you to see your inner resources, and unlock your potential, and how to rebuild your confidence.

I Tend to Procrastinate

Procrastination is when we use distractions to avoid our feelings. By learning how to safely move through discomfort, you’ll reach your goals.

I Have No Self-Control

Bad habits and addictions are tools we use to give us relief in the moment. I can teach you to bridge your skills gap, and regulate your feelings.

I Run Anxiety

Anxiety is what you do, not who you are. The feedback loop that pulls you in can be disrupted, and strategies can be learned, giving you respite and relief.

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